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Cancellations and No Shows: Be sure to notify us if you are unable to attend your appointment so that we can give that time to another patient. If you are not able to notify us within a reasonable amount of time, you may be charged with a missed appointment fee.

Repeat Prescriptions: Our clinic does not  renew prescriptions over the phone. Therefore if you have finished all ‘repeats’ in a given prescription and require a prescription renewal, you will need to be examined once more before receiving a new prescription.

Test and X-ray Results: Our clinic does not provide the results of lab or X-Ray results over the phone. If a doctor authorizes a staff member to call, they will inform you of your results. We do not call if your results have returned normal. If your results are abnormal, then our staff will call you and book an appointment for you to review your results.

Telephone Calls: Phone calls are answered Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm. We do not take calls during 12pm to 1pm due to the office lunch hour. Our phone lines tend to be busier Monday and Tuesday mornings.  Try to call later on the afternoon or later on in the week in order to book an appointment.

Reason for Visit: When booking your appointment, advise our staff what the reason is so that appropriate time can be provided. If you have multiple issues which must be attended to by your doctor, there may be a chance that all issues cannot be addressed in the same visit. You may have to return another time. We are unable to combine other medical problems with a WCB or ICBC related visit, pre-op consults, or Driver’s license physicals. Please present any forms which must be attended to before beginning the visit with your doctor.

Medical Procedures: We are not only a Walk-in Clinic but also a full-service family practice clinic that offers a wide variety of services to our clients. Our clinic is equipped with minor surgery rooms for lacerations, biopsies and other small surgical procedures. Small surgical procedures, not including urgent procedures or liquid nitrogen treatments, require an appointment.

Uninsured Services: Certain services may not be covered by the Medical Services Plan. Payment for uninsured services is due upon receipt of the service. We accept Cash, Cheques, Debit Cards, Visa or Mastercard.

Computerized Medical Records: All our clinics are fully automated with access to our patients’ complete computerized medical records for your convenience. Computerized medical records allow our physicians to access your records in the regular office as well as in the Walk-in Clinics. We also have a computerized interface to medical labs in the area, allowing for prompt access to your lab reports.

Our Staff: We are proud to provide you with trustworthy, hard-working staff to help you with all your medical needs as well as give you the best service possible. We have helpful and courteous Registered Nurses on staff and full-time Nurse’s Assistants.

For inquires or concerns regarding our clinic please contact us.